In the Shop

Our wide assortment of freshly baked goods changes daily, but is always delicious. Stop by and try cookies, croissants, cupcakes, scones, and more!
Make sure to come early; everything is baked daily, so when the treats are gone, we close up shop!

To Order

Looking for something special or a specific quantity of one item?
Place an order for one of our menu items below and be sure that it’ll be ready for you to pick up.

Please Allow 2 Business Days Advance Notice for all Orders!

Everything you order is made just for you and may not be available on a daily basis. That’s why ordering is so important!
(Unfortunately to best serve everyone, we cannot make exceptions to the 2 business day rule!)
To place an order, email us at or give a call at 773.384.7655


$36 per dozen


$42 per dozen


$36 – $40 per dozen


$36 per dozen


$24 – $26


$38 per dozen


$25 each

Breakfast Bread

$10 per loaf