In the Shop

Our wide assortment of freshly baked goods changes daily, but is always delicious. Stop by and try cookies, croissants, cupcakes, scones, and more!
Make sure to come early; everything is baked daily, so when the treats are gone, we close up shop!

To Order

Looking for something special or a specific quantity of one item?
Place an order for one of our menu items below and be sure that it’ll be ready for you to pick up.

Please Allow 48 Hours Advance Notice for all Orders!

Everything you order is made just for you and may not be available on a daily basis. That’s why ordering is so important!
(Unfortunately to best serve everyone, we cannot make exceptions to the 48-hour rule!)
To place an order, email us at or give a call at 773.384.7655


$36 per dozen


$42 per dozen


$36 – $40 per dozen


$36 per dozen


$24 – $26


$38 per dozen


$25 each

Breakfast Bread

$10 per loaf